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The Gabriel Clemens Dart 18gm Brass

Original price $21.99 USD - Original price $21.99 USD
Original price
$21.99 USD
$21.99 USD - $21.99 USD
Current price $21.99 USD
The Gabriel Clemens Dart set by Target Darts. To make it easier to hold, the barrel has radial grooves throughout the length of it. Two rings of colour, depicting the German Giant's national flag, are placed around the barrel to further enhance the grip. The Clemens Dart set includes a variety of extra accessories to ensure that you have the best possible set up for playing darts at all times. This Kit includes three sets of Pro Grip Shafts, which are included in the price, three Clemens Flights in various configurations and one Wallet for storing things. This is the softtip version.

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