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Shot! Bandit 50th Anniversary Dartboard

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Limited time only - Only 500 of these dartboards available worldwide. Shot Bandit Collectors Edition features gold plated number ring, gold plated spider and 50th anniversary stamp.

Made from only the best conditioned premium quality African sisal for self healing properties and the ultimate in durability. The bandit board has an ultra-high percentage of sisal depth compared to other traditional dartboards. Medium packed for a lighter throw and is best suited for humid climate conditions.

100% staple free superfine, razor-bladed wires reduce bounce outs which mean consistently higher scores. The 0.6mm wires are 50% thinner than other boards giving you 16% more playing area. It's stress-free to install and you can rotate the bandit with the unique bracket system without removing the dartboard from the wall.

This full size, 18" x 1 1/2", professional grade dartboard meets the World Dart Federation specifications. Composite board edging assists the number ring rotation and provides a clean and finished look. The new and improved non-fade eco ink has been color tested for optimal use under lighting and the brighter colors are not distracting tonally. The durable high tensile steel number ring has been black powder-coated for an improved visual experience and Bandit’s unique patented u bracket system now comes partially pre-fixed for easy installation.

The new stabilizing backing system, along with the supplied foam wedges that provide extra support, help reduce board movement and aid in noise reduction. Includes a bonus measuring tape to mark out dartboard mounting height and throw line. Also included is an instructional handbook with a checkout chart and popular dart games.