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Laserdart Black Widow Ringed 18gm

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Laserdarts Black Widow soft tip darts are the most desired dart among professionals for over 20 years! Like its infamous namesake, this fierce competitor will make short work of your adversaries... spinning a web of accuracy and destruction they'll not forget! From Point To Shaft, the Widow incorporates many innovative concepts. Widows are vapor coated in high heat furnaces that fuse mixtures of titanium/tantalum nitride and titanium carbide to the 90% tungsten barrel. These durable coatings provide unsurpassed gripping qualities and a startling appearance. The barrels have a lifetime guarantee (Coating and normal wear excluded) and are made in the USA. Comes complete with 2ba shafts, flights, 2ba soft tip points, and dart case (Case may vary with stock availability).